Blessed Mother’s Day

A Mom’s Journey

People ask me all the time what it’s like to be a mom. I tell them, “It’s the greatest thing I have ever done.”  I remember being awoke anywhere from 2-4 times per night for the first 2 years of being a “mom”. I remember rushing to find a water bottle to wash off that strawberry that HAD to be eaten in the store before checking out. I remember crying in empathy many times because a pet tarantula, hermit crab, or goldfish died and they had to go to that big wet burial ground in the sky. I recall giving my comfiest socks to be used as mittens during an unexpected snow and the smile on that little face waving my socks in the air which made it all worth it.

Being a mom is a choice. So many times we hear “anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a dad”, well let me just say “real moms” are as important and necessary as anything else. Think about the times your mom used her shirt to wipe your runny nose, or the times she gave you the last bit of slush in the cup because she wanted you to not be thirsty. Mom’s get dirty with their kids, scold when necessary, and laugh like crazy when they see their child laughing yet again at another goofy Sponge Bob Square Pants episode.

Giving birth to a child does not make you a mom no more than fathering a child makes you a dad.  Being a mom or dad takes dedication, great amounts of prayer, and a love that continually strengthens. You do not have to give birth to a child; you just have to be a loving and nurturing parent. Moms aren’t perfect. We are a continual work in progress, but the good Lord sees that we are given instinct, and a desire to raise the most well-rounded, best-behaving and adjusted children that we can. To each MOM out there I say to you with the greatest of joy, “Happy Mom’s Day”. And remember, becoming a mom through adoption does not make you less of a mom. Being a mom to any child is a gift from God, and remember; all children deserve and need the loving heart of a woman who has earned the title of “Mom”.

Kim Phillips

Chair, Lifehouse Ministries

Board of Directors

Kim Phillips began her work with LifeHouse Ministries as a Member of the Board in October, 2013.  Prior to this Kim has been a longtime supporter of LHM and has always believed in its mission and goals.

Kim is currently working on her Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration and will be serving as our Board Chair for the 2015 year.  Part of Kim’s passion for helping others can be seen in previous volunteer work including four years as a CASA for the 2nd Judicial District.

Kim is married and has a son, Kodi. She also has 3 step-daughters and 5 bonus grand kids.

My name is Elisha Pillow-Daugherty. My husband, Brad and I have 4 wonderful children. We are farmers and love anything outdoors. I gave my heart to Jesus at a young age and felt a strong call to Him early in life. My desire to help educate young woman and encourage them spiritually has lead me to volunteer and except a board position at Lifehouse Ministries. I am excited to be apart of a ministry that impacts the lives of women and children daily. Being His hands and his feet, showing His love to a generation that needs Him.

My name is Joan Bradley and my husband is Jim Bradley.  We both retired in 2014.  At the time of my retirement I was the director at the Greene County Community Fund and that is where I become acquainted with Shawn.  My favorite hobby is reading. I read at least one book a week plus my Bible and Christian literature. I go to church at Brown’s Chapel.

My name is Angela Price and I’ve served on the board for a little over a year now.  I’m married to my best friend, Steven, and we have two rambunctious boys.  Noah is 6 years old and he loves karate.  Isaiah is 18 months old and has a smile that can brighten any room.  Both of them were fearfully and wonderfully made by an awesome Creator, but only one of them grew in my body.  Isaiah is adopted.  I’m forever grateful to his birth mother for choosing life, and for giving our family such an amazing gift!  I have always had a heart for women in crisis pregnancies, but after going through the adoption process, it has become my passion to help these women.  Serving on the board at Lifehouse has allowed me to do that.

Pastor Chris Shelton served five years as a U.S. Army Counterintelligence Special Agent out of the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area before resigning and relocating to NE Arkansas to raise their son near grandparents where he served another ten years as an investigator in child protective services.  He observed the problem as being caused by the breakdown of families and felt to complete ministry school and then to form Reach Out Christ’s Kingdom (ROCK) Ministries reaching out to prevent the problems instead of just treating the symptoms.  He wrote, “It’s Okay, You’re With My Father” (A Child Abuse Investigator’s Call to The Church) which has been shared on news, magazine, radio and TV and has also organized the Call To Honor prayer rallies for American and a cable TV program on YHCTV in SE Missouri and NE Arkansas.

My name is Pamela Drew; I’ve been married 18 years with two daughters, Tiffany Chaffin and Chastity Drew. I’m from a small town of Marked Tree where my first job was working for the newspaper office, where they actually sent me to collage for Advertising and Marketing at ASU, and now today I’m an Account Executive for Bott Radio. We are a Christian Talk Radio Station making its debut in North East Arkansas. I’m very much honored to be God’s Ambassador in getting the word of God into the people of God. I’m also a member of Business and Professional Women of Jonesboro. The Rotary of Jonesboro, Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce, The National Exchange Club and NEA Christian Women’s Business and a new board member with Lifehouse Ministries.

My name is Luke Moore, I am the husband to Donna and father to Hannah, Lydia, Andrew, and a 4th due in May.  I enjoy hunting, reading, and learning how to live on mission in my everyday life. My vision for my life and LifeHouse is to equip others with the gospel so that people can have a daily encounter with Jesus.  I serve as one of the pastors of Fellowship Bible Church overseeing family ministries.  I am also a regional representative for McKesson Medical-Surgical.  I began serving on the LifeHouse board in Oct 2013.

My name is Catrina Nuckles my husband (Kristian) and I have 4 children.  We have been blessed to be foster parents since 2009.  We reside in Monette, AR and are self-employed. God has blessed me with a calling to help people and without Him I am nothing! Joining the board of LifeHouse Ministries is an honor and I pray that others are able to see Gods love through me.


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