“Trust in the Lord with all thy heart!”


When asked to write the newsletter for LifeHouse, I was excited and began to pray about what God wanted me to share. So I thought I would share what God is speaking to me about in my personal life -trust… Trusting God that everything is going to work out. Trusting God when everything else is screaming run the other way take the situation under my control, trusting God’s timing.

Paul talks about a thorn in his flesh, something he struggled with daily. Trusting God fully is not my thorn, but my flesh, fighting this characteristic of my spiritual nature, is a very real struggle for me. I recently read a devotional in the Jesus Calling, that addressed this struggle and I wanted to share pieces of it.

As I’m walking on this journey with Jesus, my Savior, my Protector, my Person per say, I picture myself holding His hand, like a child would a parent. We are walking just visiting about the surroundings, pretty flowers, and bright sunny cloudless sky. I’m not concerned about where I’m walking, I’m just happy to be with my best friend. Its easy walking, He is talking gently to me encouraging me simply, in the small things. Life is great; there is no question about my level of trusting Him at this point on my journey. Trust comes easily at this moment. Off in the distance I notice a shadow on the horizon, maybe a dark cloud I’m not sure, but whatever it is, I’m holding the Creator of the universes hand, what could I possibly fear – right?

I get lost again in Him and the beauty of our journey, and didn’t notice how the dark shadow in the distance began to morph into something more menacing than I originally thought.  There is a break in our conversation and I glance up only to be taken aback by the view of a monstrous mountain. Dark clouds circle its sharp and jagged peaks. Black ravens and vultures fly in the skies above it. I am completely engulfed by its massive size and its steep rocky cliffs. Panic sets in and anxiety grabs ahold of me. I forget all about the hand I am holding.  Looking ahead at the path I am on, it appears to lead straight to that dark steep mountain. A mountain I know I cannot climb. Fear grips me, and I began to stumble. The path I am on is still smooth but the fear of what lies ahead makes each step now seem weary. Forgetting every simple and sweet lesson my Protector had taught me previously I began to doubt the path He is leading me on. Doubt is a very real thing; when you are staring what you fear in the face. When you see no other way around what you are heading straight toward.

Ever so quietly I hear a whisper in my ear the sweetest sound… He says why are you so worried about the mountain that you see? Did I not promise that I will never leave you nor forsake you? You can’t fully see where your path is headed, but I do. And if this path is headed to that mountain, I will promise you this I have already given you everything you need to overcome the mountain. And not only this, but as you climb the mountain, my angels, my angelic warriors, will go before you clearing a path, doing war on your behalf to .push back the enemy who will try to make you fail.

As His speaks, His words began to transform my thoughts. My spirit begins to thrive, breathe anew, as His words become my new reality.  The washing, cleansing truth of His words began to permeate me, forcing all the fear and anxiety out. I look back at the path before me and the mountain is still there, but I see it differently now I see it as conquered.

My new favorite trust faith saying…God, I can’t wait to see how you are going to make this happen.

By His Grace and Love,

Elisha Pillow Daugherty

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