As  a volunteer please know that your generosity is like a fresh spring of Living Water, which desire to leap and flow to the valley down below.

We are daily reminded of you and your selflessness that we have named you a Self-giver and follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As we gaze upon your contribution of time and prayer we understand a wondrous truth, “A great multitude whom no man could number” brought by the King of Love to the High Places so that they could now pour out their lives in absolute abandonment, leaping down with Him to the sorrowful, desolate place below, to share with others the life which they had received from Him.

Although, we are only one drop among the glad throng of Self-Givers, followers of the King of Glory united with Him and with one another, each one equally blessed and beloved of Him.

“From the heights we leap and flow-to the valley down below, sweeter urge and sweetest will, to go lower, lower still.”


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