You can change a life for eternity.

“I am here to let people know what the LifeHouse has done for me. When I started going to the LifeHouse, I was going through a lot of problems. I was dealing with sexual abuse from a family member when I was young, misunderstanding with my mom, the death of my step dad, problems with my oldest child’s father, and most of all, an abortion when I was 15 or 16 years old. But, with the help of the LifeHouse, I was able to work past all of it with counseling and just talking to the staff. They also let me know that when I asked God to forgive me and hand over my past to Him, He had forgiven me and that I should leave it with Him. It is hard, but when you do that, you feel a lot better as a person and your family life is better, too. I want to take this time to thank the staff and Kim, the Pregnancy Help Center Director, for being there for me; I know that they are there when I need them.” -Melissa

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